Checking in on Everyone!!

Firstly l want to shoutout to all our wonderful ZarActive Customers, thank you to all that have purchased during our EOFY Sale.

Victoria is experiencing another Lockdown, which l dare say probably won't end soon....... Our thoughts are with those who can't work and with Businesses who have had to close, Hospitality and Retail certainly been hit the hardest.

We all need to do our best to keep up our spirits.  Please check on friends, neighbours, family who may be isolated during this period.  Facetime is a great way to see one another, pickup the phone and call one another.  

Take advantage of the outdoors as much as you can, our alloted 2hr exercise is a great amount of time to be outside, walking, running, exercising.  Exercising at home too, indoors if you have too, keeps your mind fresh and the endorphins flowing.   Stay Safe and Happy xx






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